Lewcott's new prepreg is suitable for making composite radomes.
Lewcott's new prepreg is suitable for making composite radomes.
Lewcott FM5LF polyester prepreg.
Lewcott FM5LF polyester prepreg.

Lewcott, a supplier of composite prepregs located in Millbury, Massachusetts, USA, says that FM5LF prepreg offers the user a combination of toughness and handling that facilitates high volume production of components.

Lewcott has developed a number of prepreg products suitable for radome and antenna applications. These extend the Lewcott family of both epoxy and polyester prepregs, targeting specific manufacturing and dielectric performance to benefit laminators, moulders and end-users in a variety of radome and antenna applications.

The radome/antenna prepregs can be tailored for the following:

  • general purpose for solid laminates;
  • self adhesive for cored structures;
  • various handling characteristics;
  • autoclave and out of autoclave;
  • tape wrapping for tubular radomes;
  • ground based, mobile radomes and antennas; and
  • cure capabilities from 150°F to 350°F.

All grades are reported to have been successfully used in a variety of antennae and radome applications.

“Lewcott has developed a broad product offering," says Carl Varnerin, Chief Technical Officer at Lewcott. "We supply epoxy and polyester prepreg systems providing a highly useful range of cure, process and performance capabilities for this market. These prepregs have already been qualified at a number of manufacturers. The prepregs have been used for both commercial and military applications.”

Lewcott has been developing products for the electrical market for the past couple of years, reports Michael Buck, President of Lewcott.

"We are continuing to expand and target our prepregs to supply a unique set of increasingly higher value added performance and handling characteristics," he says. "These characteristics can help our customers manufacture their products using a variety of manufacturing processes while targeting a wider array of applications. We are AS9100 certified and plan to continue to increase our focus on higher performance aerospace and military/defence applications.”