The final mould.
The final mould.

On this project Loiretech was subcontracted by French aerostructures company Aerolia to design and produce moulds.

Loiretech chose Araldite 8615 resin for this application primarily for its very low viscosity, which delivers optimum impregnation of the carbon fibres during the infusion process. It also offers the long pot life required for manufacturing parts typically up to 20 m in length.

The Araldite system was supplied by Huntsman Advanced Materials' distributor DiL France.

Working with products and technical support supplied by Huntsman the Loiretech team completed the project in 16 weeks.

“With a customer such as Airbus and an application of this kind, there can be no compromise in the quality of the manufacturing process," notes Marc Moret, President of Loiretech.

"The mould was created using resin infusion on a CNC milled master model. Araldite 8615’s high Tg is an important parameter for such moulds. With its ability to withstand 300 curing cycles at temperatures up to 180°C, it fulfils critical performance criteria and we have already used this type of system to make large composite molds for the aerospace industry in serial production.”

The A350 XWB structure is 53% composite-based, including major elements such as wings and fuselage. (See Airbus A350 XWB update.)