The Green Comm Racing America's Cup boat.
The Green Comm Racing America's Cup boat.

“This is a unique opportunity to rally some of the best minds in the world behind a very exciting goal: designing and manufacturing the ultimate renewable energy machine – a winning America's Cup boat," says Francesco De Leo, Executive Chairman of Green Comm Racing.

"Our goal is to promote a green agenda by leveraging the media impact of one of pinnacle sport events in the world.”

Malama Composites produces rigid polyurethane foams made from soy polyols and other renewable resources. The resulting panels serve as a lightweight structural core material in the manufacturing of products such as boat hulls, wind turbine blades and surfboards.

Malama claims its products are competitive in terms of cost and performance with petroleum-based foams, and they can be easily reused or recycled.

“Our materials enable manufacturers to produce products that are stronger, lighter, faster and far more environmentally responsible than alternative core materials," reports David Saltman, Chairman and CEO of Malama Composites.

"Our partnership with the Green Comm Racing Team provides a fantastic venue to premier the next generation of sustainable materials, and we are honoured to be a part of it.”