McLaren Automotive Asia Pte Ltd will have an initial team of around 10 employees managing retailers in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.

The initial five McLaren retailers are due to open towards the end of 2011 and already hold on average around 18 months of orders for the McLaren MP4-12C, which is based on a carbon fibre composite chassis.

Future expansion into the region is anticipated, and expansion into mainland China is being considered.

McLaren Automotive is headquartered in Woking, UK. The McLaren MP4-12C, the company’s first high-performance sports car, went on sale in July in Europe. An initial global network of 35 car retailers in 19 countries will open during the second half of 2011, selling and distributing around 1000 cars globally in the first full year of trading.

The retail network is expected to double over the coming years as McLaren progresses towards producing its model range of around 4000 high-performance sports cars annually. These will be manufactured in the new £40 million MPC (McLaren Production Centre) that started operations at the company’s UK headquarters in July.