MFG Energy Services adds that the science of repairing wind turbine blades in the field has seen significant advances during the last five years as a result of improvements in diagnostic tools, materials, equipment and technician training. However, that model still has intrinsic limitations because blades are frequently damaged beyond the ability of field repair crews to economically or safely restore them to optimum working condition.

A new alternative approach to field repair - factory repair and restoration - is successfully extending productive life and value to previously doomed blades.

"In the factory it's possible to restore even seriously damaged blades to ‘like new’ condition faster than even the most talented field repair team," said Gary Kanaby, director of marketing and sales for MFG Energy Services (MFG ES).

Damaged blades are shipped to a repair factory and carefully inspected upon arrival. Technicians perform the restoration work, after which the blades are transported back to the operator's site. In instances where a repetitive problem is diagnosed, the factory engineering team has the resources to perform forensic analysis, recommend and often perform advanced restoration. The blades return to the operators' wind farm or inventory facility with full documentation.

Unlike work performed in the field, factory repairs are executed in a clean, controlled environment at a regulated temperature, ensuring that resins and materials cure properly.