The company will continue to be based in Gainesville, Texas, USA.

The name change is designed to provide a clearer identification in the market and reflect a broader market scope that fits with plans for expansion into new service areas.

What sets us apart is MFG’s deep knowledge of manufacturing blades and other components accumulated over more than 26 years. We are known for being able to handle the most difficult repair jobs – providing the best service with the deepest engineering talent. And that’s why we’re growing.
Gary Kanaby, director of sales and marketing, MFG Energy Services

Initially launched as Wind Energy Services (WES) in 2007, the company's mission was to provide on-site inspection, repair and maintenance services to wind farm operators in North America.

As the industry matured, services were expanded to include more sophisticated diagnostics, factory repairs and refurbishment, and made-to-order replacement parts in conjunction with MFG Wind.

Currently, MFG Energy Services has three US factories offering factory repairs and blade manufacturing.