Mitsubishi Electric is applying the technologies in ultra high-speed elevators and industrial fans for delivery this year.

Mitsubishi Electric adds that it has been developing lightweight, high-strength CFRPs for space satellites. By combining such technologies for composite-material design and low-cost manufacturing, the company has reduced the weight of certain metallic components by more than 50% in the case of steel and more than 30% for aluminum alloys.

CFRPs for space satellites are manufactured from prepregs, or carbon fibre sheets impregnated with resin under high temperature and pressure. This process incurs the costs of manufacturing prepregs and moulding equipment required to cure the prepregs. One of Mitsubishi Electric's new technologies is a low-cost manufacturing technology based on vacuum-assisted resin-transfer moulding (VaRTM).

CFRP structures can be manufactured with various processes to improve functional performance. For example, thermal insulators can be sandwiched between CFRP to simplify installation, and CFRP shapes and thicknesses can be optimised.

By continuing to develop these technologies, Mitsubishi Electric says that it expects to strengthen its application of CFRPs further in commercial products to help reduce energy consumption.