Scott and Fyfe has launched Polymat FR, a 3D reinforcement textile developed specifically for composite applications requiring improved strength, weight reduction and fire performance, such as the transportation, construction and marine sectors.

Intended for closed moulding processes such as resin transfer molding (RTM) and light RTM, the material has a core composed from glass yarns knitted with an architecture that allows for fast resin flow even when combined with highly filled resin systems. This leads improved productivi-ty, reduced rework and improved fire retardancy for composite parts, fulfilling EN45545-2 for the rail industry (up to level HL3).

‘Polymat FR offers engineers and designers a more technologically advanced solution to the challenge of creating strong, lightweight structures in GRP that still comply with the various fire and regulatory requirements,’ said Michael Harrison, business director, Scott & Fyfe. ‘Thanks to its novel glass core, it may be possible to reduce laminate thickness, and thereby weight, whilst achieving comparable mechanical strength properties – particularly attractive benefits to the mass transit sectors.’

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