The name STRUCTeam is an amalgamation of Structural Engineering for Advanced Materials.

The company has been set up by James Austin, who takes the role of Business Development Director, with Julien Sellier as Director of Engineering, and Radek Michalik as Technical Development Director.

STRUCTeam has been set up to answer the market need of providing a choice of suppliers of structural engineering consultancy services for large advanced composite structures such as yachts and wind turbine blades. The company offers engineering consultancy services with the specific aim of lowering the cost of design of composite structures.

“We have a unique approach that we are finding to be of significant interest to manufacturers of composite structures,” comments Julien Sellier. “Our approach is applicable to all market areas where STRUCTeam aims to act as a leading provider of composite engineering services.”

STRUCTeam Ltd also offers a consultancy service for material design. The company offers advice on how materials can be designed and optimised for successful inclusion in the engineering process.