Dr. Eberhard Voss, Chief Technology Officer of Nordex, says: "The Gamma generation sets new standards in availability, ease of service and quality as well as delivery and installation times. As far as grid compliance and interconnection are concerned, it satisfies the most demanding international requirements."

Nordex has redesigned the wind turbine nacelle, hub and rotor blades to be both lighter and more robust. The rotor shaft has been redesigned and the slip ring has been integrated in the interest of extending the service life. The slip ring is protected from weather and mechanical influences, and is also heated to stop condensation from forming, Nordex says.

The wind turbine manufacturer has further developed the control system in the yaw system. The loads are evenly distributed over three to four yaw drives, and the nacelle can track the wind dependably even at turbulent sites.

Nordex USA will manufacture the Gamma generation wind turbines at its new manufacturing facility in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

"Developers and operators in America are demanding greater efficiencies, performance and output per unit of investment on wind projects," says President and CEO Ralf Sigrist. "The new generation of Nordex turbines will increase the ROI for customers."

The first US project using the new generation will be Shirley Wind in Glenmore, Wisconsin.

Nordex will be at booth 6814 at Windpower 2010.