In the same time period, there will be a need for 414 new freighter aircraft.

This total of 6315 new aircraft deliveries has an estimated value of US$648 billion, according to Airbus figures, presented by Airbus Chief Operating Officer – Customers, John Leahy.

North America remains a strong market

By 2030, North America will rank third, behind Asia-Pacific and Europe, in world traffic.

With a 20-year growth in revenue passenger miles of 3.3%, North America remains one of the world’s strongest markets. According to Airbus, today, and in 2030, domestic US traffic is, and will continue to be, the largest single air traffic flow region in the world.

Even with its size and maturity, North American inter-regional traffic has grown by 11% over the last 10 years. Currently, more than 25% of the total world revenue passenger miles are carried on US and Canadian airlines.

Big aircraft replacement market

While the growth rate of the North American market is less dramatic than in some expanding regions of the world such as China and India, the US and Canada have the highest percentage of existing aircraft that will need to be replaced in the coming decades, says Airbus. 41% of the aircraft currently in service in North America will need to be replaced over the next 20 years – greater than in any other region of the world.

Overall, the market for passenger aircraft in North America is expected to grow by 66% over the next 20 years. The growth for dedicated freighters in the region is even greater, with a growth rate in the same period of some 80%.