The XStrand H roving is designed to help fabricators to create longer span, lighter weight components with lower deformation and higher strength. Potential applications include ladder rails, lighting poles and telescopic rods.

Although specifically developed for use with polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resin systems, the reinforcement can also be used in acrylic and polyurethane systems to produce long span structural beams.

The XStrand H roving is made with a proprietary boron-free glass formulation that meets R-Glass standards ISO 2078, ASTM C162 and DIN B1259-1. Owens Corning claims it performs better than conventional E-glass, providing:

  • up to 15% more stiffness;
  • up to 20% more strength;
  • up to 10 times more fatigue resistance at a given load; and
  • resistance to strong acids equal to E-CR glass.

Owens Corning (NYSE: OC), headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, USA, is a global producer of residential and commercial building materials, glass fibre reinforcements and engineered materials for composite systems.