SINTX Technologies, which makes silicon nitride ceramic for medical and non-medical applications, has received a US patent covering a variety of biomedical implants.

The company’s silicon nitride can now be applied to the implants in order to improve their antibacterial characteristics.

‘The antibacterial characteristics of SINTX’s silicon nitride were identified in 2012, and have been confirmed by multiple independent studies,’ said Dr Sonny Bal, president and CEO of SINTX Technologies. ‘We have developed and tested powders, coatings, and composites of silicon nitride that extend the technology to other material platforms.’

In the biomedical space, SINTX can now add its material to biomaterials such as polyether ether ketone (PEEK) and titanium. The company says that it has already developed a composite of silicon nitride and PEEK and expects to launch the product in early 2021.

SINTX also provides silicon nitride in other forms such as sintered powders and soluble fractions,. The company next plans to leverage the antipathogenic properties of silicon nitride, and increase its IP portfolio in that area.

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