An artist's impression of the interior of the Medinah station.
An artist's impression of the interior of the Medinah station.

The contract is with Yapi Merkezi – SBG Consortium, which has been granted the turnkey construction of the Mecca and Medinah stations for the Haramain High Speed railway project.

PCT, located in Dubai, will supply the composite roofing panels and interior ceiling for an entire surface area of 26 000 m2. The panels will be built out of advanced composite materials so that they can be easily lifted into place and installed on site. Production at PCT will begin in June 2012.

The contract was awarded after PCT worked alongside architects Foster + Partners and Buro Happold during the design phase to create a prototype composite roofing panel that would realise the complex architect's design, as well as pass all fire and safety regulations.

PCT manufactured a 1:1 prototype panel measuring aproximately 13 m2 built using a fire resistant sandwich structure of glass fibre and epoxy resin semi-preg combined with a lightweight core. 2048 of the panels will be required for the entire project.

The Haramain High Speed Railway project is a 444 km high speed intercity rail transport system that is under construction in Saudi Arabia. It will link the cities of Medinah, Mecca and Jeddah via the King Abdullah Economic City. Connecting each line will be four passenger stations, based at each of the cities. Each of the stations has been designed by Foster + Partners, alongside engineering firm Buro Happold.

This contract follows PCT's successful build and installation of the composite cladding, facades, clock faces and clock hands of the Dokaae Clock Tower, Saudi Arabia.