King Cobra rules the theme parks.
King Cobra rules the theme parks.

In Kirmes & Park Revue's awards, which focus on the European amusement park industry, the King Cobra at Aqualand Frejus waterpark in France, was named Best Waterslide in Europe. 

King Cobra also won Most Innovative Product in the Entertainment category at the Turk Kompozit 2013 Composites Summit in Istanbul this month, which was organised by Turkish Composite Manufacturers Association (TCMA).

King Cobra

King Cobra was introduced to the market in July 2010. The waterslide is 50 ft (15.24 m) high and 260 ft (790 m) long, and incorporates many special effects. During the ride, users activate sensors which initiate various affects such as spurts of water, the sound of a snake's hiss and light effects.

Polin's King Cobra waterslide is currently installed in parks in Turkey, Thailand, Slovenia, Macedonia, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, the US, China, France, Indonesia and Malaysia.

One aspect of King Cobra that sets it apart from competitors' slides is that it is made entirely via the resin transfer moulding (RTM) process.

One of the main advantages of RTM technology is that it creates slide components that are smooth and shiny on both sides.


Polin was founded in Istanbul in 1976 to supply glass reinforced plastic (GRP) products to the Turkish market. In 1987-89 it entered the amusement park sector and started manufacturing waterslides.

Today, Polin has converted all of its composites production to RTM.

The company also offers Natural Light Effect technology (which makes it possible for natural daylight to go through the slide and create lighting effects inside the tunnel), Special Pattern Effects (a composite coloration technique) and translucent RTM waterslides.

Polin has three production plants in Turkey, and a fourth will open soon.