PPG says HYBON 2026 enables the manufacture of longer, lighter composite wind turbine blades.

PPG manufactures the product at five locations – three in the USA, one in the UK, and one in Zibo, Shandong Province, China (a joint venture of PPG and Sinoma Jinjing Fiber Glass Co Ltd).

According to PPG, HYBON 2026 glass fibre is one of the few high performance rovings that is compatible with a variety of resin systems.

“Customers have reported higher tensile strength and fatigue performance when using HYBON 2026,” says Cheryl Richards, PPG global market manager, wind energy. “It achieves these results in both epoxy and next-generation-technology vinyl ester resins.”

As well as offering glass fibre reinforcements for turbine blades and coatings for wind turbine towers and blades, PPG also supplies glass and coatings for the solar energy market.

“PPG is demonstrating its global dedication to renewable energy by manufacturing and supplying new products to these markets,” says Victoria M. Holt, senior vice president, glass and fibre glass. “Products such as HYBON 2026 fibre glass help PPG to support the growth of on- and off-shore wind farms.”

Pittsburgh, USA, based PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG) is a global supplier of paints, coatings, optical products, speciality materials, chemicals, glass and fibre glass.