According to Firehole, Red Bull Racing's use of Helius:MCT will result in better designs in a shorter amount of time, and ultimately improve performance on the track for the Red Bull Racing Formula One cars.

“The composites on our racecars must meet strict FIA regulations, while also being extremely strong, stiff and reliable," says Red Bull Racing’s Team Principal, Christian Horner. "We have a short production schedule to meet, so our parts must be engineered right the first time – we have no time for extensive physical prototyping and redesigns. Integrating Helius:MCT into our engineering process will allow us to quickly produce accurate ‘virtual prototypes’ enabling us to improve the performance of our cars."

"Additionally, we are excited to have Firehole Technologies join us as an Innovation Partner; the exchange of expertise in our areas will exemplify the kind of innovative solution development we are looking for in such partnerships,” he adds.