By Kari Williamson

The industry giant will test its 7 MW offshore wind turbine platform at the £100 million site before starting full production.

The offshore wind turbine's gear system will be delivered by David Brown Gear Systems. The company intends to co-locate a gearbox assembly plant to supply the SHI facility at Methil.

SHI will work closely with economic development agency, Scottish Enterprise and Fife Council under a strategic agreement to develop the company’s ambitious project in Fife, which subject to successful test and demonstration of its technology could result in nacelle, gear box assembly and blade manufacturing facilities in Scotland.

Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, says: “Their choice of Scotland as their first base in Europe for renewable technology development is testament to the fact this country is fast becoming the European centre for research and development in new offshore wind technologies. For Methil to be chosen as the test site for Samsung Heavy Industries’ new 7 MW wind turbine is another example of this country’s ability to secure investment from global multinationals.”