Under the terms of the agreement, signed by TGC and SeaEnergy’s subsidiary SeaEnergy Renewables Limited (SERL), the companies will work on a variety of offshore wind farm projects, commencing with the 600 MW Changhua Offshore Windfarm.

The Changhua Offshore Windfarm will be located in the Taiwan Strait off Changhua county on the West Coast of Taiwan, about 2.5-10 km from shore in water depths up to 30 m. The wind farm will initially be jointly owned by TGC and SERL.

The Taiwan Government has set a target of 15%, or 8450 MW, of Taiwan’s electricity to be generated from renewable resources by 2025. The offshore wind potential has been recognised by the Taiwan Government as offering the fastest gateway to attain such a goal. Taiwan Government foresees a potential of at least 3000 MW of offshore wind power.

The Taiwan Government passed the Renewable Energy Act in July 2009. It is anticipated that the associated feed-in tariff system will be announced by January 2010, SeaEnergy says.