The seminar, The Role of Fibre Composites in Earthquake Zone Rebuilding, will be held on 4 November in Christchurch, the New Zealand city hit by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake in February.

“Because of their unique properties such as superior tensile strength, high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion and chemical resistance combined with extreme flexibility, fibre composites, on their own and in combination with traditional construction materials, will have a big part to play in the successful rebuild and restoration of Christchurch,” says CANZ President, Bobbie Mortensen.

“The rebuilding will benefit from wide ranging international fibre composites technologies and design solutions that have been tried and tested in situations around the world that are similar to those in Christchurch,” she notes.

Mortensen says the seminar will be especially useful for material specifiers such as architects, engineers, developers and builders, as well as local body and government bodies.

“They will discover that cutting edge fibre composites processes are available to provide the full suite of technologies, design and materials that will be required to restore Christchurch, most of it involving new construction and the retrofitting and strengthening of existing buildings, as well as the replicating of the city’s heritage facades and other historic building items,” she says.