Skykon's offshore wind turbine production facilities have direct access to sea by means of an on-site harbour capable of accommodating vessels in draught of 7.5 m.

Skykon has a 1000 tonnes Gantry crane enabling direct loading of products on customer vessels. Indoor 160 tonnes and 700 tonnes crane capacity is also available to ensure handling of the very heavy and large elements required for offshore wind turbines.

"Skykon has 25 years of experience in the production of wind turbine towers and tower sections. We have acquired in-depth know-how and unique competencies in the design and production of towers and tower sections for onshore wind turbine farms. To the benefit of our customers, we have transferred our experience and technology from years of close co-operation with our customers on onshore solutions into our product offer for offshore solutions", says CEO Jesper Oehlenschlaeger.

Skykon specialises in the production of a large variety of offshore solutions, comprising monopoles, transition pieces, floating foundations, jackets, tripods, towers and one section towers.