According to the company, the WT6000 Honeywell Wind Turbine is the first model to be manufactured in Windsor and can generate more than 2000 kW per year. The turbine's innovative design reduces friction and allows electricity to be produced in slower wind speeds, says WindTronics - part of EarthTronics.

The province of Ontario is providing C$2.7 million (£1.59 million) to help the company establish its Ontario operations, while the company is investing an additional C$2.7 million (£1.59 million). The investment will create 174 new jobs by 2012, and brings new capabilities to the province's manufacturing and alternative energy sectors.

"This is a strategic investment that creates green economy jobs and brings new capabilities to our manufacturing sector. We are proud to support WindTronics' investment in Ontario. As a government we are committed to continuing our tradition of manufacturing excellence," said Sandra Pupatello, Ontario's minister of economic development and trade.

Ontario's new Green Energy Act provides ambitious support for renewable energy, including a generous feed-in tariff, and guarantees for renewables connection to the grid. The Province is hoping to create 50,000 jobs in the next three years as projects get underway. Ontario is already the leading wind capacity jurisdiction in Canada, with more than 1,100 MW  of wind capacity installed.