The yacht, designed by naval architects Judel Vrolijk, is scheduled for launch in Spring 2012. It is a new concept of sailing yacht designed to cross two philosophies – the luxury sailing that Wally is famous for, combined with a high performance sailing characteristics more typically expected of round the world racing yachts.

The boats are being designed to surf and plane and have downwind speeds of greater than 25 knots.

“We are excited to have been selected by Green Marine to engineer the composite structures for this ground breaking yacht," says Julien Sellier, Engineering Director of STRUCTeam Ltd, Isle of Wight, UK.

"The structural design is a critical element for the success of this new class of yacht and we are happy to have been selected for this task. Our structural design will utilise advanced composites including various modulus carbon fibres and advanced honeycomb materials. Our aim is to deliver a structure at the minimum weight whilst providing the expected level of reliability.”