This $400,000 modification to its Phase II SBIR contract transitions the effort from research to supporting potential fleet insertion.

Structural Composites has also selected Willard Marine, Inc. as the team member for this effort. The team will be producing, testing and qualifying a fleet ready version of the advanced combatant craft. These advanced combatant craft offer the potential for increased performance and reduced life cycle cost. Additionally the suspended cockpit design decouples the hull and deck structure to reduce the effect of wave impact on the warfighter. Moving from prototypes to fleet ready craft will allow the Navy to evaluate the SBIR technology in operational conditions and advances the Technology Readiness Level to TRL-8.

Structural Composites adds that the contract allows it to integrate its newest composite advances into the recently selected lightweight engine technology from Steyr. The combined benefits of reduced structural weight and reduced propulsion weight have great synergistic benefit. The company adds that it is also the model it is bringing to the recreational boating market and the broader transportation market.