By Kari Williamson

The 800 MW of domestic and international wind power projects will be developed over the next three years.

A working team has already been set up to explore the most viable projects globally, covering countries such as Brazil, South Africa, India and China, Suzlon says.

Chensui, Chairman at CGNWE, comments: “We are very happy to partner with Suzlon for the development of wind power projects worldwide. With Suzlon’s experience in the global market and CGNWE’s expertise in wind power, we are confident of building very successful projects to meet the renewable energy needs for these markets effectively.”

Tulsi Tanti, Chairman at Suzlon, adds: “We at Suzlon are delighted to partner with CGNWE for the development of wind projects globally with our latest generation of turbines. We hope that Suzlon’s extensive experience in across 32 markets worldwide will be valuable for CGNWE in its endeavour to operate wind farms globally. The professional approach of CGNWE and its experience in developing large projects make this a symbiotic partnership.”