Teijin's PU_PA EV.
Teijin's PU_PA EV.

The PU_PA EV weighs only 437 kg, which is less than half that of conventional electric cars, according to Japanese carbon fibre producer Teijin. It represents Teijin’s vision of what a car will look like in 5-10 years time.

Capable of 60 km/hour and a cruising range of 100 km, the PU_PA EV electric car concept features a number of proprietary materials and technologies.

Weight reduction technologies:

  • body incorporating a core structure made of carbon fibre composite material;
  • windows made of polycarbonate resin with a heat absorbing function and weighing only half as much as glass.
  • modular parts made with single-piece moulding, etc., reducing total parts to about 20.


  • interior items (seats, floor mats, etc.) made with bio-derived polyester.

Reduced environmental burden:

  • metal-toned Teflex PET film, used as an alternative to chrome plating;
  • low-noise tyre cord made with Teonex polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) fibre.


  •  multi-device communication using Cell Form two-dimensional communication sheet.


The vehicle is being exhibited in the Teijin Mirai Studio, a showroom located in the same building as Teijin’s headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.