The report, Wind Turbine Trends 2013, says that recent proliferation of low-wind large rotor turbines serving the 1.5-2 MW segment will slow, as these become more difficult to build cost effectively. As the blades become longer and more expensive, towers will need to be taller, gearboxes reinforced and structural elements become more costly.

Nonetheless, the trend towards longer blades for increased energy capture will not abate; it will merely shift to turbines with larger ratings.

Many recent turbine announcements have been aimed towards the 3 MW segment in mature markets. This trend will continue, but creating cost effective products for this segment will require substantial improvements in blade, powertrain and tower technology. 

The most radical technology approaches will continue to be seen in the offshore sector, as OEMs continue to introduce larger machines to this market. For example, Siemens is currently testing its 6 MW offshore turbine featuring 75 m blades.