The Spaceship Company's new hangar. (Picture courtesy of Mark Greenberg.)
The Spaceship Company's new hangar. (Picture courtesy of Mark Greenberg.)

The US$8 million Final Assembly, Integration and Test Hangar ( FAITH ) completes the infrastructure needed to manufacture a fleet of TSC’s two core products: the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo ( SS2 ) sub-orbital spaceship and the WhiteKnightTwo ( WK2 ) carrier aircraft.

The facility is sized to support fabrication of SS2 and WK2 with room to produce at least two of each ship at the same time.

Both spacecraft are constructed from carbon composite materials using technology developed by Scaled Composites of Mojave, California.

The 68 000 ft2, LEED-certified FAITH facility will be used primarily for the final assembly, integration and testing of TSC vehicles before they are delivered to their customers. It will also support major vehicle maintenance, and serve as TSC’s operating headquarters.

The Spaceship Company

The Spaceship Company ( TSC ) is the aerospace production company founded by Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites, a specialist in the design, fabrication and flight testing of prototype aircraft and spacecraft made from composite materials.

Commenting on the grand opening of the FAITH hangar, Virgin Group founder Branson said: “Today marks another important step along the road to opening space for everyone. We’re extremely proud of the new FAITH building, which is the world’s first facility dedicated to producing private, commercial manned space vehicles."

TSC has secured options to expand the size of the FAITH facility and build an adjacent flight test hangar, as its customer base grows.

TSC currently employs over 80 people and is looking to double its workforce within the next year, with numerous high-tech and engineering positions available in the next 90 days.