By Kari Williamson

In total, the RO added £15.15 to the annual energy bill of the UK’s 26.3 million households – with just £4.68 of that supporting onshore wind. By comparison, imported gas added around £120 – or 10% – compared to onshore wind's less-than 0.05%.

Green energy company Ecotricity's Founder, Dale Vince, says: “There has been a massive campaign of misinformation over the last 6 months by the media and lobbyists for the gas and nuclear industries – all taking aim at wind energy for some reason.

“With the rising cost of imported gas increasing household energy bills by £120 last year, it's bizarre to see a group of Conservative MPs complaining about the £5 spent on onshore wind. Are they not in possession of the facts, or do they care little for such inconveniences?

“In January this year, coal took over from gas as the major provider of electricity in Britain because the high price of importing gas caused the Big Six energy companies to mothball gas power stations. That's the reality – it's gas that we can't afford not onshore wind.”