By Renewable Energy Focus

Offshore wind generation climbed 75%, while onshore wind generation slumped 6%. The generation capacity rose almost 15%, according to the latest Energy Statistics from the UK Department of Energy & Climate Change.

Heat from renewable sources increased 17% during 2010 to 1212 kilotonne of oil equivalent (ktoe). In addition, renewable biofuels for transport increased 17% to 1214 ktoe.

Renewable transport fuels constituted 3.6% of road transport fuels in 2010. Bioethanol, as a proportion of motor spirit, increased to 3.1%.

Renewable energy represented 6.8% of electricity generation measured against the 'International Definition'. Electricity generated from renewables eligible for the Renewables Obligation accounted for 7% of electricity sales by licensed suppliers in the UK.

7.4% of electricity consumption, measured with the 2009 Renewable Energy Directive method, came from eligible renewable sources.

6.7% of electricity came from eligible renewable sources; the proportion rises to 7.3% if normalised (implementing the 2009 Renewable Energy Directive methodology).