By Renewable Energy Focus staff

CCC’s Renewable Energy Review also concludes that there is scope for a higher renewable energy share depending on costs and possible constraints on deployment of low-carbon alternatives.

The Energy Technologies Institute's (ETI) CEO, Dr David Clarke, comments: “We agree that carbon capture and storage, nuclear, offshore renewable and bioenergy are very important areas for the UK and that capability needs to be demonstrated in these areas over the next decade to allow full roll-out from 2020. In addition, we strongly support the need to pursue cost reduction demonstration on offshore wind and marine – all areas being addressed through ETI projects.”

He concludes: ““Finally, I strongly agree that mechanisms need to be put in place to provide industry and investors with assurity of support for offshore renewables in the 2020s, provided cost reductions can be demonstrated in the next decade. Without this, it is unlikely we will see industry focusing either on the UK market or on delivering the necessary cost reductions.”