Installing the qr5 vertical axis wind turbine.
Installing the qr5 vertical axis wind turbine.

The qr5 vertical axis wind turbine, manufactured and assembled in South Wales, is geared towards adding visual appeal to its surroundings and improves performance with increased wind turbulence.

The qr5 is especially suited for generating power on-site and its compact rotor design, only 5x3 m2, means it can be installed either on buildings or as a stand-alone wind turbine.

The agreement committed to by RWE Innogy is to sell up to 100 units of the wind turbine in Germany by the end of 2011.


The q5 is a direct drive vertical axis wind turbine with a mechanically integrated, weather sealed permanent magnet generator. The blades are made from carbon fibre and epoxy resin, and the wind turbine could have an annual output of up to 7.5 MWh depending on the site.

quietrevolution says qr5 has a peak power rating of 8.2 kW at a wind speed of 15.5m/s.