The Bondtracer from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies.
The Bondtracer from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies.

The company maintains that the device, which is called Bondtracer, will allow trained mechanics to confidently trace, map, size and compare the severity of damage caused by a minor impact to a carbon fibre composite aircraft component.

With its simple green for ‘go’, red for ‘no go’ display, the Bontracer should allow local aircraft maintenance staff to dispatch aircraft with the confidence that flight safety is not compromised. From an operations point of view, it should minimise unnecessary aircraft boarding delays by reducing the need to call on specialist non-destructive testing (NDT) services.

The Bondtracer has been developed by GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies in co-operation with Boeing and builds on upon the Boeing Ramp Damage Checker (RDC) invention.

“Carbon fibre composites require different processes for evaluating impact and performing non-destructive inspection,” says Thierry Laffont, Aerospace Segment Manager at GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies. “Our goal with Bondtracer was to provide flight line mechanics with a simple device that will quickly determine if more extensive inspection is required.”

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