The new website,, features information on VEC Composite Technology production process and its applications, which include boats and wind turbine blades.

VEC Composite Technology is a patented, computer-controlled manufacturing process designed to guarantee that every composite part built with VEC is made to the most exacting standards of fit and finish. It uses the company's Floating Mold technology to provide a low cost, high quality, extremely accurate, closed mould solution. The process is said to dramatically reduce the capital and time needed to make composite products.

“VEC Composite Technology has been producing products of the highest quality and most exacting precision for many years,” says John Wirt, President of VEC Technology, which is headquartered in the USA. “We have proven that VEC Composite Technology saves time and money through our production of thousands of boats, storage containers, recreational vehicles, transportation equipment and more.

Wind energy

VEC is currently working on the production of wind turbine blades.

"The deficiencies of traditional wind blades include poor bonding between sections, delaminations and voids, all of which can lead to blade failure and ultimately to blade replacement," says Wirt. "With the proven precision and reliability of the VEC Composite process, we are going to change the industry’s expectations of wind blade performance and durability.”

Environmentally friendly

VEC Composite Technology computers control a myriad of complex variables that reduce styrene emissions by over 90%. The VEC process was awarded the Clean Air Excellence Award from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).