While Veracity has successfully tested rotor blades on the UH-60 and CH-47 helicopters, it says this technology has a wide range of applications and has been used in detecting delaminations in composite materials and corrosion in metal materials.

“The US Army selected Veracity to develop a more objective and trustworthy testing capability than they had,” reports Gary Hensley, President of Veracity. “We were able to provide a proof of concept which can give the Army a viable solution for the inspection of rotor blades.”

The only used inspection method has been the 'tap test' where a technician taps the surface of the blade with a small hammer and then listens for any changes in the tapping sound which could indicate a possible defect. Even with the most skilled technician, this test method is very subjective and can result in erroneous findings. The Veracity test method eliminates the subjectivity while maintaining the flexibility of being able to conduct the test either in the field or at a depot.

Veracity provides non-destructive inspection (NDI) ultrasonic products for the aerospace, defence and power generation industries. The company operates within the Services Group of AGC Aerospace & Defense, Oklahoma, USA.