Vacmobile 20/2 model for 2010.
Vacmobile 20/2 model for 2010.

According to the New Zealand based company, builders of Americas Cup boats made from prepreg and manufacturers of large wind turbine blades using the vacuum infusion process are using Vacmobile vacuum systems. Introduced in 2007, the Vacmobile 20/2 is said to have demonstrated that small and affordable vacuum systems can consistently deliver the quality of vacuum required for high performance composites manufactured by vacuum processes.

Vacmobile users implementing good moulding practices typically achieve more than 98% air removal from the laminate, often significantly better than previously achieved by larger and more expensive vacuum systems, reports

This is almost always true when a central vacuum system has to serve as a vacuum source for multiple users, the company explains. With central systems, the vacuum demand of one user will always impact on other users. In contrast, the Vacmobile approach is to apply one or more small vacuum systems to each task. All vacuum users can be completely independent of each other and a high demand or a vacuum problem on one part cannot affect any other.

As well as improving vacuum and product quality, the multiple Vacmobile approach saves energy. They are also much easier to provide power for, as the systems only require single phase electricity. Vacmobile 'fleets' are easily added to or relocated, e.g. by wind blade manufacturers wanting to make large blades close to the point of use.

The excellent vacuum performance delivered by the machines stems from the purpose-designed connections used for all system joints, including the demountable joints which users need to access. Heavy duty vacuum pumps are used, requiring only a simple 10 minute service every 500 running hours. Ltd, located in Auckland, is dedicated to the design and manufacture of vacuum systems specifically for composite manufacturing. For most countries, Vacmobile systems can be assembled to customer requirements and delivered within 1 week of order.