The partnership gives the Moscow-based technology sales and support organisation ITS the right to provide VISTAGY’s software for engineering composite aircraft in the Russian market.

VISTAGY of Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, and ITS have already collaborated on the sale of VISTAGY’s FiberSIM® composites engineering software for three “high profile commercial aircraft programmes.” FiberSIM is being used to design and manufacture composite fuselages and wings.

“The use of composite materials is growing so fast in the Russian aerospace industry that there’s a critical need for specialised engineering solutions that address the complexity of the product development process,” says Igor Kremenskov, founder of ITS.

Steve Luby, president and CEO of VISTAGY, adds: “Our partnership with ITS will enable VISTAGY to make an impact in a market that is rapidly adopting new technologies in order to better compete in the global landscape and will also ensure that our customers are well supported and successful in their efforts do so.”