VISTAGY, headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, has a history of working with the aerospace industry in Korea, but recognising the growth of composites in expanding markets such as wind energy, it plans to expand its operations in Korea through the partnership with Maxoft.

"The use of composite materials and need for specialised solutions to engineer products made of these materials are both expanding rapidly in Korea," says Sungha Oh, CEO of Maxoft.

"The partnership with VISTAGY is therefore extremely important for us to deliver effective solutions to our prospects and customers," he adds. "Because FiberSIM is the leading software for engineering composite products in the global aerospace, wind, marine and automotive industries, we are confident that we will be able to extend VISTAGY's leadership position in the Korean market."

"While opportunities in Korea continue to grow within existing industries, such as aerospace, the expansion into new markets, such as wind power, is exciting for us," explains Mamoru Iguchi, general manager of VISTAGY for Asia Pacific. "Maxoft provides a strong technical presence for VISTAGY in Korea, which is absolutely critical for supporting our customers and ensuring their success."