TYCOR W contourable core performs effectively in flat or curved shapes.
TYCOR W contourable core performs effectively in flat or curved shapes.

WebCore Technologies LLC, a Miamisburg, Ohio, USA, manufacturer of structural composite core materials, developed TYCOR W as a high performance alternative to balsa and foam core materials.

WebCore’s core technology combines fibreglass and closed-cell foam in an engineered architecture to meet required design loads. TYCOR W is supplied on a just-in-time basis to support lean inventory requirements and help customers reduce costs. The core material is contaminant free and dimensionally stable.

WebCore reports that the 1-inch thick TYCOR W saves an average of 0.5 lb/ft2 and reduces resin usage by 0.2 lb/ft2 when compared to 1-inch thick balsa. TYCOR W’s internal fibre architecture makes resin penetration easy, reducing resin usage while providing controlled infusion during moulding.

WebCore offers TYCOR W in larger sheet sizes, reducing the number of core segments necessary to load large turbine blade moulds, resulting in fewer core joints, faster fabrication and enhanced core fit at adjoining segments.

Custom core designs and sheet sizes are available. TYCOR W’s design flexibility allows WebCore to work with blade designers and manufacturers to tailor modifications for individual blade and turbine specifications.

WebCore will be exhibiting on booth number 10547 at WindPower 2010, 23-26 May, in Dallas, Texas, USA.