Composite shelters.
Composite shelters.

WebCore Technologies, based in Miamisburg, Ohio, has teamed up with Gichner Shelter Systems, a manufacturer of shelters and related products for military and commercial applications, for Phase I of the project.

WebCore’s TYCOR® G fibre reinforced composite cores, incorporating three-dimensional fibre architecture, and cost effective automated manufacturing processes are used to produce lightweight, high strength, robust sandwich structures suitable for this application. TYCOR also provides thermal insulation which keeps heat sensitive equipment cool and reduces fuel use.

WebCore expects to complete the project in December.

The expandable shelters are being built in standard size and fixed site versions to meet the US Department of Defense (DoD) transportability requirements for land, sea and air.

WebCore Technologies' TYCOR family of engineered composite core products, including TYCOR W and TYCOR G, are used to produce lightweight, high strength sandwich structures for a range of markets, from wind turbine blades to truck bodies, to railcar decks, bridge decks, cargo ship floors, temporary mats and runways.