EWEA’s comment comes in response to the publication of the European Energy Regulators (ERGEG) draft strategy on the role of Regional Initiatives towards a single energy market in Europe.

“Regional Initiatives are a very good step forward, but the final aim remains the creation of a single European market for energy, which should be in place by 2015. Regional Initiatives are an effective tool towards the establishment of a single market,” says Paul Wilczek, Regulatory Affairs Advisor at EWEA.

Wind reliant on market integration

EWEA says market integration is of high importance for the wind industry whose cost-effective integration into the electricity market hinges on the development of integrated electricity markets across the EU.

Rules that ensure an efficient allocation of electricity from renewable sources such as wind power are also critical to the development of wind power.

A properly functioning single market will be a building block for a future power system characterised by flexibility and an increased number of market entrants, facilitating the integration of wind and other renewable energy, EWEA says.