The Zwick HCCF.
The Zwick HCCF.

The Zwick Hydraulic Composite Compression Fixture (HCCF) is designed for the testing of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) and glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) composites with unidirectional fibre reinforcement.

It is suitable for testing standards such as:

  • prEN 2850;
  • DIN EN ISO 14126;
  • DIN 65380; and
  • QVA-Z10-46-38.

Zwick says the HCCF offers several technical and cost saving advantages compared to existing mechanical fixtures.

The HCCF features hydraulically operated specimen grips. Hydraulic operation is said to guarantee reliable and reproducible clamping of the specimens as the clamping force is applied uniformly and securely across the specimen.

The HCCF has an open C-frame construction which facilitates the simple and fast loading of specimens and allows for easy attachment of extensometers.

The compression testing fixture can be used at temperatures ranging from -60 to +95°C.

Zwick claims that the HCCF reduces variance in test results, and speeds up test throughput, saving time and money.

The Zwick Roell Group, headquartered in Germany, specialises in the manufacturing of high quality testing systems.