Trelleborg, which makes composite parts for a range of applications, has developed DryFoam, a UL certified non-water fire prevention material which can suppress up to 98% of vapors.

According to the company, DryFoam technology works with most flammable liquids including crude oil, gasoline and alcohol. It is easy to transport and apply and can remain in place for up to 10 years with minimal maintenance, while it can also be applied to an internal floating roof to provide additional protection in the event of a sunken roof situation, Trellebord said.

DryFoam engineered spheres are applied directly to the surface of a liquid, where they float and continuously suppress vapors. When exposed to intense heat from above, the coating on the DryFoam beads swells up. This creates an insulating barrier, preventing ignition of the flammable liquid and a consequential full surface fire.

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