Gamesa has launched the Gamesa G132-3.3 MW wind turbine, designed especially for medium wind speeds.

‘This new product is the only turbine in the market designed for medium wind speeds which combines a 132-m rotor with nominal unit capacity of 3.3 MW,’ said José Antonio Malumbres, Gamesa's CTO. ‘This guarantees an optimal capacity factor and, by extension, maximising output.’

It features a turbine blade made from glass fiber which stretches 64.5 metres. According to the company it has aerodynamic edges which increase annual output while minimising noise emissions.  

The new turbine also comes in four different tower heights, which range from 84 to 134 m, so that it can be tailored for each region's specific requirements.

The G132-3.3 MW reportedly delivers 50% and 30% more energy than the G114-2.0 MW and G114-2.5 MW (both also turbines for class II winds), respectively.

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