Australian composites company ATL Composites says that it is now a distributor for a range of hollow ceramic microspheres suitable for composites and fiber reinforced plastics.

E-SPHERES, made by Envirospheres Pty Ltd, can also improve the performance and reduce the weight of engineered materials in adhesives, automotive parts, insulation panels, components and syntactic foam, electronics, , sealants, caulks, stucco and fillers, lightweight cementitious and construction products and in insulation/high temperature resistance coatings and other materials, the company said. They have a spherical hollow structure and inert mineral composition, functional low density, high compressive strength, thermal resistance and insulation, a chemically inert and neutral pH, non-dangerous goods status, geometry and low absorption, according to ATL.

They also have a melting point above 1,700°C, reportedly the highest of any hollow ceramic microspheres in the market, while isostatic pressure tests show a more than 70% rate of particle survival at 4800 psi (33 MPa), more than 30% higher than the compressive strength of other hollow ceramic microspheres of similar density and 20 times higher than expanded glass fillers and volcanic lightweight minerals, ATL said.

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