A welcome letter from Dr Bernd Köhler, Editor-in-Chief of
Case Studies in Non-destructive Testing and Evaluation, a new open access journal from Elsevier.

Non-destructive methods are as long known as humankind exists and are as various and continuously evolving. Evolution proceeds in parallel to new technical developments and application challenges.

Journal cover picture.Today, miniaturization trends in electronics and sensors as well as advances in new sensing methods give us new technical edge. On the other side, increasing use of new materials as carbon fibre reinforced plastics and metal matrix composites with totally new flaw characteristics or new production schemes as selective laser melting create the need not only for new methods but also for further development of the existing ones.

Applied research is challenging. Sometimes, a promising method may fail when applied. However, there are cases that methods performed better than expected when applied to a new problem or beyond their traditional application range.

Specialised journals on novel non-destructive evaluation (NDE) methods as well as innovative applications of the existing ones exist, but there is a need for a platform that can be used for fast exchange of experiences from praxis. This new online journal in the Elsevier Case Study Series will provide such a forum. We will address mainly the NDE specialists working on challenging tasks in real world applications.

The papers submitted must be sound in methodology. Good citation of prior work will allow the academics to follow up and to contribute.

As Editor-in-Chief of this new journal, I welcome you and I am looking forward to receive your contributions. Together we will be able to create a medium for advantageous exchange among practitioners as well as practitioners and academics!

Please visit the Case Studies in Nondestructive Testing and Evaulation website for further information about the journal and instructions on how to submit your paper. ♦

Dr Bernd Köhler is a department head at the Fraunhofer Institute for Non-destructive Testing IZFP, Dresden Branch. Fraunhofer aims for applied research, with its main focus on the transfer of advanced NDT&E methods into practical applications in cooperation with industry.