Please can you start by introducing yourself, telling us about your background and that of Biesterfeld?

My name is Dr. Johannes Martin. I have been Sales Manager in the “Performance Products” department’s Composites, Tooling and Adhesives section at Biesterfeld Spezialchemie since 2017. Internationally, we are a leading distributor of specialty chemical products and solutions. As a distribution partner with many of the world’s leading suppliers, we offer a focused product portfolio, solution-orientated technology-based consulting and highly individual bespoke solutions. Biesterfeld Spezialchemie’s distribution network has a presence across the whole of Europe, which creates the ideal basis for achieving this. Biesterfeld Spezialchemie is part of the Biesterfeld Group, which has been active as a trade and service company for 112 years. The mainly family-owned group, with over 40 locations worldwide, is also one of the leading distributors of plastics, rubbers and basic and specialty chemicals.

Could you tell us about the technology you specialize in and its impact?

In the “Performance Products” department, we have four specialist core areas: “Composites & Tooling”, “Adhesives”, “Lubricants” and “Electronics”. For each of them, we offer the right products and extremely high levels of technology-based technical expertise. For Composites & Tooling, and Adhesives, I am currently focusing on adhesives and core materials for manufacturing lightweight fiber composite components. In many industries, lightweight construction is playing a decisive role. In the automotive industry, for example, there is an increasing demand for innovative technologies for reducing vehicle weight. To join together the complex mix of materials used in vehicles, we offer a variety of approaches, involving different adhesive technologies, and work very closely with our customers. We offer solutions to produce robust ultra-light components, such as rotor blades made of laminated balsa wood, for the wind turbine industry. Using this laminated material, both weight and costs can be reduced massively when rotor blades are manufactured for wind turbines. Our balsa wood, with unchanging mechanical properties and low total weight, is the perfect solution to the trend toward ever larger rotor blades. To find innovative product solutions, it is essential to work closely with our suppliers. For this reason, at Composites Europe 2018, we took the opportunity to share a stand with our co-operating partners “Lerg” and “Polyprocess” and use it as a platform for intensive discussions with customers.

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