Tell us a bit about the history of EconCore

EconCore, based in Leuven (Belgium) and founded 2005, provides technology for the continuous production of honeycomb sandwich materials. The unique ability to produce rigid but lightweight panels within a cost-efficient, integrated high-volume production process is licensed to several companies over the world. The fast, versatile, continuous thermoplastic honeycomb production process allows users to produce sandwich materials for various applications including automotive, transportation, building and construction, industrial packaging/graphical displays, furniture and many others at minimal cost, weight and environmental impact.

Econcore is renowned for its thermoplastic honeycomb technology, can you give readers a bit of background on this tech and its applications?

EconCore’s patented process addresses the market needs and allows the user to achieve an enhancement of mechanical performance combined with weight and cost reductions at the same time. This continuous process of conversion of thermoplastics into honeycombs is typically in-line integrated with lamination of skins onto the sandwich core which results in a unique and very cost effective process of production of sandwich panels.

This thermoplastic honeycomb technology is used in cost sensitive market segments, initially primarily within industrial packaging, by several licensees of EconCore around the world. The pace of change in the automotive industry have accelerated in recent years. The honeycomb technology-based sandwich panels are being used in the interiors of the newest generation car models and new, exciting perspectives are being developed, amongst others - thanks to the possibility of further in-line integration of final part conversion steps into the entire honeycomb production process.

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