Since the early fifties, the “made in Italy” plastics and rubber processing machinery and molds had steadily grown during the second half of the last century, reaching a technological sophistication, targeting productivity and quality levels such as – how it can be seen by looking at the export figures – to be sold all over the world and, in particular, to be highly appreciated by the most industrialized countries.

The progressive increase of the turnover along the past decades has also been supported by the world polymers consumption progress, thanks to the advanced offer, first of all because of high versatility for different applications, meaning as well a better economical choice and functional for two main reasons: to preserve natural resources and being easy recyclable, via mechanical or thermal recovery systems, when plastics products come to life-end.

The Italian evolution in this field, technologically and by process, offering plastics and rubber processors a wide range of tailor-made machines and related equipment, none the less molds and dies, it cannot be interpreted a part from the expansion of the global polymers demand.

At the same time, the economic upturn of the branch is also linked to the particular size of the firms and to the experience achieved along over 50 years of activity.

The continuous upgrading has permitted to supply the Italian and foreign end-users, in particular those ones interested in highly hour production and/or higher added value – with tailor made machinery, being more compatible and suitable for satisfying single and more precise needs of the processors, worldwide.

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