Newcomers Composite Prime describe their journey into the composites market.

Dom Harrison and Charles Taylor are two businessmen working in the UK plastics and lumber sectors and have recently established a company, Composite Prime, to sell and market a range of composite lumber and plastic products that, while already extensively in use in other parts of the world, are relatively new to the UK market.

The venture combines both men's family histories in the lumber and plastics sectors. Dom's father, Geoff, along with Kevin Mcdonald, in 1980 co-founded and many years ago floated Polypipe plc, based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. It is now the world's largest manufacturer of plastic piping systems for use in the residential, commercial, civil and infrastructure sectors.

Dom's colleague, Charles, owns and runs Taylor's Lumber Center in Bradford. He is a third generation lumber merchant whose family has been closely involved in the lumber industry since 1950.

While first establishing Composite Prime in 2015, the journey has followed a carefully controlled programme of research and development and they are now beginning to make their mark in the UK as recognised producers and distributors of wood plastic composite products to both the residential and commercial markets.

Composite Prime specialise in wood plastic polymer composite products that combine two or more materials with significantly different properties to produce a new material with characteristics different to the original constituent parts.

It's a combination that creates the natural look and feel of lumber with the strength and durability of the high density polyethylene plastic – a composite that combats many of the problems associated with traditional lumber products.

This article appeared in the March–April 2018 issue of Reinforced Plastics.

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